About RSV Academy


Federico Martinón Torres

Pediatrics, Director of Clinical Pediatrics,
Infectious and Translational, Hospital
University Clinic of Santiago de
Compostela.Coordinator and Head of service

Member of the CIBER of Diseases
Respiratory Sciences (CIBERES), Institute of Health Carlos IlI

Full Professor of Pediatrics, University
from Santiago

Cynthia Crespo Mora

Primary Care Pediatrician.
Member of the Vaccine Group
Catalan Society of Pediatrics.

Irene Rivero Calle

Pediatrician. University Clinical Hospital of
Santiago de Compostela.
Member of the GENVIP Group.

Dr. Octavio Ramilo

Dr. Octavio Ramilo is a Pediatrician
Infectologist and Head of Diseases
Infectious diseases at the National Hospital of Children in Columbus, Ohio.
He holds the Henry G. Cramblett Chair in
Infectious Diseases and Professor of
Pediatrics at the Faculty of Medicine of the
Ohio State University.

Dra. Ann R. Falsey

Dr. Falsey is a professor of medicine and Infectious Diseases at the University of Rochester School Of Medicine.

The focus of Dr. Falsey's research has been clinical and translational research in the field of respiratory viral infections in adults.

Prof. Dr. Louis Bont

Paediatrician Infectiologist at the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital in the University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Leads the Utrecht RSV Research Group. He is the coordinator of the Interest Group on Respiratory Infections of the European Society of Pediatric Infectious Diseases (ESPID) Research Committee. Dr. Bont is the founder and chairman of ReSViNET, an international RSV Research consortium.


Manuel Sánchez Luna

President of the Society
Spanish Neonatology.
SENEO. Head of Service
Neonatology. Teacher
Head of Pediatrics,
accredited to professor.
Complutense University
from Madrid.

Dr. Constancio Medrano López

Head of Service
Pediatric Cardiology. HGU
Gregorio Marañon, Madrid.
Company President
Spanish Cardiology
Pediatric and Heart Disease
Congenital (SECPCC)

Dra. María Garcés-Sánchez

Pediatrician. Area of
Vaccine Research
Vaccine Advisory Committee (AEP)

Comité Asesor de Vacunas. AEP

Dr. Antonio Moreno

Head of Service
Pediatrics, Vall Hospital
d'Hebron, Barcelona.
Company President
Spanish of Pulmonology

Dr. Ivan Sanz

Scientific and Virological Surveillance Manager.

Valladolid National Influenza Center (Valladolid NIC). Institute of Health Sciences Studies of Castilla y León (ICSCYL)

Dr. Alberto Papi

Alberto Papi is a Full Professor of Respiratory Medicine and Head at the University of Ferrara - Department of Translational Medicine and for Romagna.

Alberto Papi received a doctorate in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Ferrara in 1986, and a Board in Respiratory Medicine and Phthisiology at the University of Parma in 1991.

Dr. Harish Nair

Professor Harish Nair is Co-Head of the Centre for Global Health and Co-Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Population Health Research and Training.

He leads the Respiratory Viral Epidemiology research programme at the University of Edinburgh

Dra. Cristina Massuet

Head of Preventive Medicine Service at Bellvitge Hospital, Barcelona.
Associate professor at the University of Barcelona

The mission

The respiratory syncytial virus is a global health problem that still has no solution, for which the level of general knowledge is also limited, both on the part of the general population and many other necessary agents, beyond health professionals.

In recent years, an exponential research effort has been carried out in the search for both therapeutic and preventive solutions that will allow, in a short period of time, to control or at least modify its evolution and health impact. A constant update of knowledge is necessary, made difficult by the enormous amount of new scientific evidence that is generated every day on this topic, and there is no global platform for continued training on VRS that presents an attractive format adapted to our time.

That is why we have created the VRS Academy.

Whose initiative is it?

Academia RSV is a project developed by the University Clinical Hospital of Santiago and the GENVIP Research Group of the Health Research Institute of Santiago.

We have been developing research related to RSV for more than two decades, both at an epidemiological, therapeutic or preventive level, as part of the CIBER for respiratory diseases (CIBERES) and leading or participating in different national and international research consortia such as GENDRES, RESCEU or PROMISE.

We are currently working on the clinical development of multiple molecules for the prevention and treatment of respiratory syncytial virus infection, both in infants, the main target of the disease, as well as in pregnant women and the elderly. In this accumulated experience, and access to the main national and international leaders in the field of VRS, as well as our long journey in continuing training platforms and teaching innovation, we have decided to promote the development of ACADEMIA VRS, a training meeting point for reference in VRS, with rapid updating and with an attractive format appropriate to our time, which includes podcasts, video-pills and bibliographic video-comments, among other resources.

The objective

VRS ACADEMY aims to be the reference continuing training center in VRS for all health professionals, researchers, patient associations and other agents involved in public health, through the participation of the main national and international experts in the field of VRS. , and using attractive training tools that facilitate and promote interest in being trained and updated on a problem, RSV, which each year generates more than 3 million hospitalizations and 60,000 deaths in infants, and more than 300,000 hospitalizations and 14,000 deaths. in elderly people.

The initiative is directed and developed by an independent scientific committee coordinated by the Santiago University Clinical Hospital and the GENVIP Research Group of the Santiago Health Research Institute. It has also been funded with an unrestricted scholarship from our sponsors to the Santiago Health Research Institute and has the support of Ciberes.